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Feed hungry dogs of Romania

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We called him Chop because this is the reason why the big dogs were after him, to take his food. Chop end up in our shelter.
Luckily, for Chop - we happen to be at the right moment, in the right place for him. I hope you are, too - for all our saved dogs that deserve a better life!

Right as we speak, thousands of dogs are malnourished all over Romania. Many loose their lives trying to hunt something to eat. Hundreds of dogs are starving in the Romanian shelters. Help us feed our dogs from the small shelter, plus the new comings. Its freezing here, snow and chilly wind. The bad weather just started. As you know, dogs need quality, extra nutrition to burn on times like this. Not to mention the dogs recently rescued, only bones which need to put some weight soon to remain alive. Thanks to the local supermarkets, we offer to all our 700 dogs, each time it's possible, meat products and other oily, greasy supplements to help their body resist. 

2000 $ needed to feed our dogs until end of the month. Donate to feed Chop and all the others, by PayPal at [email protected] or here:

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