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The georgia pardon and parole board

because he has a young daughter on drugs and has a older daughter that needs his help as a father should. he would love to talk to kids about prison life and to keep them from coming to prison and he would like to talk to keith evans family to tell them how dipley he is sorry for taking there sons life and that he does feel remorse for what he did taking there sons life it does not matter how long he is in prison the crime is still there no matter what even if he dies in prison it will not bring keith evans back so please give me a chance to talk to people about the crime he did and how it is so wrong to take anyone life please give me the chance to do some good work in jesus name i pray that you will see what i am trying to say and sign the petition god bless all amen!


Timothy Tatum

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How this will help

to help influence the parden and parole board to give him that chance that way he can try to make a difference in peoples lifes

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