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We urge that the FDA develop a national standard for the amount of 4-Mel (Caramel Color) that can be used in sodas and other drinks. Your lack of standards for this potentially cancer-causing chemical is putting consumers at risk. Your statement of "Caramel may be safely used for coloring foods generally, in amounts consistent with good manufacturing practice..."* does nothing to set a baseline standard of "Protecting and Promoting Our Health" as per your mission.



The 1:1 Movement

We all know that most sodas like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have high levels of sugar and are potentially dangerous to our health.  However, there's an additional danger that comes with drinking caramel-colored sodas.  Due to a recent study by Consumer Reports, PepsiCo and other soda companies come under fire for the overuse of a chemical that may cause cancer.  This chemical, called 4-methylimidazole has been used for a long period of time but is potentially dangerous to our health.  The World Health Organization and the state of California both say that the common chemical that is used to make soda "caramel colored" may be carcinogenic.

Consumer Reports is already calling on the FDA to "require labeling of specific caramel colors in the ingredient lists of food where it is added, so consumers can make informed choices."  We need to put pressure on the FDA to set a national standard for the amount of 4-Mel that can be used in a can of soda.  Some tests showed levels of 4-Mel in one 12-ounce can that far exceeded the 29 micrograms that are the threshold PER DAY permitted in California without a mandatory warning label.  Some toxicologists are calling for a standard of as little as 3 micrograms of 4-Mel per day, way less than what's found in most sodas.

Please sign the petition urging the FDA to set a national standard for the maximum amount of 4-Mel that a 12-ounce serving of soda can contain.  


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