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I am calling on Animal Planet, and the production companies you partner with, to require animal abuse monitors on every show that is aired on your network.Since seeing the disturbing report exposing animal abuse and endangerment on you wildly popular show Call Of the Wildman I was stunned to learn that your company does not require certified animal professionals to be on set monitoring the welfare of animals on the shows you air. While I understand you often hire out production companies to produce shows for your network, the responsibility falls with your company, as you choose to promote and permit these behaviors. It has to stop.The "reality" television shows that Animal Planet often airs are far from reality. They are filled with staged events and, as the Mother Jones investigation details, a disregard for the animals' best well-being. It is because of these revelations that I am calling on Animal Planet, and the production companies you partner with, to require animal abuse monitors for every show that is aired on your network.Animal Planet has a long history of educational and inspiring programing. Unfortunately, now people cannot have confidence that animals appearing on Animal Planet were treated in a humane manner. It's time for Animal Planet to return to the reputation it once had as a champion for animals and responsible entertainment.Thank you.


Stop Animal Cruelty

An investigation "Drugs, Death, Neglect:Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet" recently exposed troubling practices on the wildly popular reality television show Call of the Wildman. On the "reality" show situations were staged, and animals sedated, in order to create higher television ratings. There are also reports of animal deaths and mistreatment.  

Animal Planet was once a leader in education about our natural world, now as the company turns to more "reality" programing it must do so without threatening the welfare of any animals involved. 

Join us in asking Animal Planet to require certified animal abuse monitors on every one of their programs' sets. 


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