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Stop HR 7 – An Extreme Abortion Coverage BanHR 7 is a sweeping ban on abortion coverage and one more mean-spirited attempt to interfere with a woman’s personal decision-making, one that falls hardest on women who are struggling to get by.This is more than just meddling in women's healthcare decisions – it’s an all-out ban for some women. Studies show that when policymakers place severe restrictions on Medicaid coverage of abortion, it forces one in four poor women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.Congress: I hope you will join me in opposing HR 7.


All Above All

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Every year, politicians in Congress use our nation's budget process to deny coverage of abortion for women who get their insurance or health care through the Federal government. 

Now some politicians want to make those restrictions even harsher – and permanent - through HR 7. 

HR 7 would withhold federal insurance coverage of abortion, putting it out of reach for many.   Denying Medicaid coverage of abortion forces one in four poor women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. 

We're uniting to tell politicians in Washington that however they feel about abortion, stop denying a woman's health coverage just because she is poor. A woman -- not politicians -- should make decisions when it comes to her own pregnancy. 

It's time for Congress to LIFT restrictions on abortion coverage, not enact extreme and dangerous bans. 


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