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Hi! My name is Lesley Steele I'm a current graduate filmmaking student at School of Visual Arts in the Live Action Short Film program.I am extremely excited to be directing a new film titled 'Destiny Jones.' I created the story a few years ago in an Animation course and loved the character so much I decided to develop her story, write a script and make a low-budget, high quality short film. Here's a quick synopsis and log line of the film!

Logline: In the midst of solving a child rape case, Destiny Jones a NYC detective faces the unforgivable. 

Synopsis: A female detective working in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx has finally found the right case to come along for her to arrest her stepfather – completely innocent but guilty of sexual abuse years earlier – and the abused was she.

As a graduate filmmaker I am gaining real-world experience in the filmmaking industry, working with producers, actors, crew, writers and beginning the process of becoming a young film director but I need your help. This is not just a film that's going to live on a hard drive, but it is a story and medium of filmmaking from a young director's perspective, heart and imagination with professional talent executed throughout the entire process.

What We Need  

Making a film is a challenging, collaborative effort with one of the most rewarding payoffs but it's not easy raising the funds needed to make the picture. With the help of a producer I've developed a budget which will fully launch the film into pre-producuction, production and post-production, where all the magic happens.


  • In making this film I hope to accomplish creating a visual narrative piece that speaks for itself. I have longed to see a film, which embraces a strong female protagonist of color. I can recall imagery of the 60s and 70s which portray these kind of strong female characters fighting for their rights and freedom, however within today's thriving source of new media and filmmaking, I have yet to find that character and story so I decided to create my own instead. 
  • Women are often portrayed in media as a muse for the male protagonist and I hope to juxtapose and counteract that mainstream ideology. Women on screen who are abused are often depicted as "asking for it" or living a lifestyle that would sooner or later welcome such abuse and if the abuse was inflicted, it depends on the male protagonist to seek justice and vengeance. This is a story of a woman who has been abused but has taken control of her life, leading her to make her own decisions and ultimately how she deals with her abuser. 
  • The film definitely embodies the genre of film noir. In crafting such a story with the film noir lens, I am excited to bridge the aesthetics old and new filmmaking to create a modern film noir with a twist, thus creating a new genre of filmmaking. Despite the unorthodox and uncanny sequence of events, which distinguishes this film from others; the goal is to embrace the role of an African-American female protagonist on screen without the overbearing sense of male dominance as a leading factor in the story's plot points and dénouement. 

Other Ways You Can Help If you aren't able to contribute, I understand. But I do ask if you can share the film with friends and family, email blasts, social networks, everything makes a difference!

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