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President Obama, Illinois House of representatives, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, State of Illinois; Charles R. Garnati, Judges; Speroni, Palmer

Sherman Allen Junior has been a targeted individual since he began his journey into manhood. The police departments of at least 4 different counties in Illinois have repeatedly ticketed, arrested, jailed, tazed, framed and now he has been imprisoned and refused a state trial.

Sign our petition and help spread the word about this case. Documents of such targeting can and will be provided as requested. (NOTE: There are a total of 40 files for this 29 year old man.)

We are aggressively seeking legal assistance and support from the community for Shermans federal trial in February. If there are any attorneys or legal advisers who can help us with this case please contact 270-883-2376 (270-883-2FSN) or The United African Coalition for Justice and Human Rights-UACJC at 513-428-2254 (513-42uacjh).


NyYahri YisraEl

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Due to the targeting of Sherman and his family by law officials he will be released immediately from prison! Without a trial or conviction he should not be serving anytime in a prison facility. 

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