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The Dolphin has always been considered in all cultures and in all countries as man's best friend in the sea.

Ready to flank the fishing boats in greeting, to approach us when we are at sea, to be caressed and to help us in case of difficulty.

The dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals on our planet and should be protected and defended at all costs, is a part of us is a heritage of all mankind.

The Dolphin is a joyful mammal, full of life, that has always had a great confidence in man, and it has always been close to us.

We can not allow the Dolphins to be exterminated, and made to suffer in this horrible way as we can see from this movie:

Every living creature has its own dignity!

Every year in Japan, in the bay of Taiji, on the Kii peninsula, thousands of Dolphins are killed mercilessly, this massacre must end, and only us, with the strength of our signatures and our voice, can stop it.

This is really unacceptable and we invite you all to make our voice heard to tell the Japanese government to adopt a law to protect Dolphins in the whole country, with severe penalties for anyone who makes responsible for this crime.


Sergio Barbesta

We cater for this to the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe, so that his government can pass a new legislation, within 2014 summer, to stop any kind of Dolphins slaughter in Japan.

Dolphins don't have a voice, but we do, and then let's hear it. 

We are sure that 99.9% of Japanese people is on our side.

We know that you will support us and that you will be with us even in this battle.

Please don't forget to join to our Facebook dedicated group: to give us more International weight.

Only all together we can win!


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