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The FDA and EPA must take responsibility for the safety of American food.

MOMS DEMAND A MORITORIUM ON the APPROVAL OF ANY NEW GMO CROPS.New papers show GMO soy and GM corn are substantially different from non GMO food.This new evidence invalidates the GMO seed manufacturer's claim of "GMO foods of being substantially equivilent" and the entire basis for the FDA NOT requiring safety testing on animals or humans. There have NEVER been any long term safety studies conducted on GMO foods. Moms see the evidence in the skyrocketing incidence of health issues in our children when they eat GMOs and the decrease in problems when they avoid GMOs. We demand an IMMEDIATE MORITORIUM ON ANY NEW GENETICALY MODIFIED OR GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROP which is destined for the food supply. WE DEMAND A HALT to the PLANTING of GMO CROPS. We have faith that our farmers can and will farm as has been done for thousands of years- without GMOs which contain foreign proteins and require the use of toxic chemicals. We also demand IMMEDIATE LABELING OF ALL FOOD containing GMOS SOLD IN STORES WITH "SHELF TALKER" SIGNS STATING "WARNING: These foods may contain ingredients from Genetically Modified Crops which have not undergone long term safety testing by the FDA for human or animal consumption, they have been shown to be nutrionally deficient and contain high levels of pesticide that non-GMO foods do not contain." WE DEMAND THAT FOOD MANUFACTURERS TAKE the REPSONISBLE MOVE and source NON-GMO INGREDIENTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.UNTIL LONG TERM ANIMAL & HUMAN SAFETY TESTS PROVE GMOs are safe, ALL GMO FOODS MUST REQUIRE A WARNING LABEL. Link to GM USA Soybean Comparison to Egyptian GM Corn Paper Moms Acros America and supporters of health and freedom


Zen Honeycutt

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We need to hold the FDA and EPA accountable for the health and future of our nation.

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