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This petition closed about 2 months ago

By signing this petition you will help show support for not only our Australian farmers and local business's that are struggling during this drought and closure of the live export trade but also animal welfare.

The live export trade was closed down during the previous Labor Governments term in federal politics, which was a decision to cease all exporting of livestock which placed a massive burden on our domestic cattle market and forced many Australian cattle producers to sell there livestock in the southern (domestic) markets which dramatically lowered the price of domestic cattle. Farmers who could not afford to send there cattle to the domestic markets due to the distances the cattle would have to be freighted, were forced to hang onto their stock which they didn't have the feed for.

Throughout the country animal welfare has deteriorated dramatically due to our farmers markets being flooded with once internationally destined cattle which has created a mass food shortage for livestock on top of the severe drought (over 60% of Qld) that we are currently facing.

These circumstances have created desperate situations for farmers who are still trying to recover from the previous 10 year drought and with the lack of support by the government for drought relief assistance, lack of media exposure by prime time television and popular newspapers and also the lack of knowledge that the general population has about the state of farming in Australia and the importance of this industry, the situation is worsening, not to mention that it still hasn't rained for many unfortunate farmers!

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