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Save 100 Romanian strays from death!

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How this will help

The Romanian government has passed a law to destroy over 2.5 million strays and shelter dogs, all across the country. Protests have been voiced from all sides of the globe, so far with no outcome.. The killing spree has begun in Timisoara already.It is the biggest genocide in history. All of them are adoptable animals, if given a chance. We can save 100 lives with your support. DONATE NOW (PayPal: [email protected]) to get these animals into safety. 

Tomorrow for many it will be too late. 


The helpless dogs are killed in barbaric ways, beaten, poisoned, shot or strangeled to death. ROLDA is an international nonprofit that has two no kill dog sanctuaries in Romania and has currently space for 100 strays. We can save these lives with your help. A donation of 150 dollars, equivalent for 120 EUR will catch, vet, sterilize and house/feed a dog in need. 

All donors will receive updates with pictures and videos of the dogs we will save with the donated funds. We can make a difference RIGHT NOW if you sponsor these souls in need.It is a life or death matter:any donation small or large is life saving and will go 100% towards the rescue of dogs that will otherwise be killed by the government. Thank you for making our rescue mission in Romania possible! 

You can also donate to our campaign made on Youcaring website

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