Sign the Petition to Steve Berubi at West Seal; Kristen Strickler at Forever 21; and Michael Ristano at Charlotte Russe

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Three major national chain retailers, Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe, are selling lead-tainted purses, belts, and shoes. More than 4 years ago, the companies were notified about the lead problem in these products.  More than 3 years ago, they signed legal agreements to get the lead out.  Tested products still show that they are selling lead-tainted products. 

Lead is a stunningly toxic chemical, and can harm parents as well as children. Lead exposure has been linked to higher rates of infertility in women, and an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure, among other health problems. Lead exposure during pregnancy can affect a child's IQ and brain development for life.

It's time for these companies to put an end to their poisonous products! Even if you don't shop at these stores, you can help send a message that companies cannot get away with continually breaking their promises – and breaking the law!  Please take action by signing the petition and then sending the email below (cut and paste).



Subject: We've caught you lead-handed

Dear Steve / Kristen / Michael,

We've caught you lead-handed!  I just signed a petition on Causes ( urging you to remove lead-tainted purses, belts, and shoes from your stores.  Lead is a stunningly toxic chemical, and can harm parents as well as children.

Please commit today to remove these poisonous products.


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