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Make legal evid. M.R.I., precedence Innocent plea v. manip. Police/Pub. Def./D.A./Judges.

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"10 Bucks!," at least ten American Greenbacks per 10,000 pledges, allows resource for our direct cause to create and instill precedence in Alameda County's 584754/5511 joined 398505 to related case California Court of Appeals A140557.  These two cases go from start to finish to the heart of issues over the justice system; from bad faith and ill will (profiling) & false witness/perjury to false arrest/imprisonment and libel of records-falsification involving said Excessive Force/Police Brutality/Cruel & Unusual Torture/Punishment; to District Attorney malicious & selective prosecution and discrimination/Fraud, Public Defender malpractice/Fraud, Judicial Misconduct/Bias Prejudicial Discrimination; jail abuse & medical negligence/malpractice. If our pleas of, "Innocent-Absolute," &, "Innocent," are deemed legal precedence, Innocents wrongfully charged will be allowed equitable restoration and restitution directly from judicial coffers, that such victims, otherwise neglected of habit and overlooked as anti-cultural criminal justice and judicial system erroneous redundancies.

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