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The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, specifically Jean-Pierre Blais President and CEO

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission regulates which cable channels companies may offer. A channel, namely A&E, is a second tier REQUIRED channel. WE ask only because of the nature of programming be moved to an opt-in contract. Nobody in the GBLTQ community and their supporters should have to pay for the likes of Phil Robertson and his show "DUCK Dynasty" (even the possibility) in their living room. This is based on the interview he gave GQ for their January issue. We believe in free speech but DD is PAID speech. How long before a gay couple flipping though the channels has to explain to their child that they are not an abomination but loved by God as anybody else.


Gerry Withagee

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How this will help

This will help GLBTQ families and others to be able to control where controversial content on cable intersects with the beliefs of those aforementioned

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