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The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom

Please confirm that in accordance with your objective of implementing, supervising and enforcing EU and international standards and regulations in the UK as stated here, , you are doing everything in your power regarding implementation of existing legislation about "Politically Exposed Persons" (as explained in Campaign description ( , to ensure that the Ukrainian governments oligarchs assets in the United Kingdom are frozen. They have banking and business interests in Europe, the US and further afield. The government they control has been directly responsible for violence against Ukraine’s pro-democracy peaceful demonstrators on November 30th, again on January 11th, and on numerous occasions between these dates since the pro-democracy demonstrations in Ukraine began at the end of November last year. Demonstrations started as a result of Ukraine’s president suddenly turning his back on an EU association summit in Vilnius, in favour of dragging Ukraine back into Russia’s dictatorial sphere of influence without consulting his electorate.
Yours Sincerely


Stepan Pasicznyk

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Explanation here.  See Youtube video and read transcript below it.

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