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Never visit a dolphinarium or captive cetacean park.

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

If people boycott dolphinaria and marine mammal parks then the demand for display animals would go down and eventually the Taiji fishermen would decide that its not worth it to keep the dolphin drives going. SeaWorld itself is not in ownership of any dolphins captured in Taiji. The dolphins captured in Taiji are usually sold to lesser known dolphinaria in Asian countries such as China. If people boycott places like SeaWorld which is the main player in captive cetaceans and as a result SeaWorld gives up its dolphin shows then when people all around the world see that SeaWorld has given up its captive cetacean shows then they will in turn boycott the dolphinaria in there countries and as the lack of support for the industry becomes apparent the owners of the dolphinaria that purchase there animals from the Taiji fishermen will have no reason to replace there animals and the largest source of profit for the Taiji hunters will disappear.


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