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Promote breastfeeding in public and not to be negative about it

How this will help

You can promote safe, healthy, and public breastfeeding by doing something very simple: 

  • Don't turn your head when you see a woman nursing her child in public.
  • Don't stare at a mother and child during nursing -- it is utterly rude and your own mother should have taught you not to stare at people.
  • Don't expect or suggest that a mother should use private facilities or bathrooms to feed a child.
  • Think of what you are saying before you go up to a nursing woman and state your distaste in what she is doing.
  • Think of the mass social repercussions of what you are doing when you make a complaint to security or a manager in restaurants, shopping malls, etc. about a woman securely nursing her child. She is not hurting anyone by doing so.
  • If you see a person arguing with a nursing mother about the fact that she is nursing, step in. Stick up for her and her family's human rights. Make a complaint to security or a manager about the person arguing with a total stranger doing nothing illegal.
  • Start nursing your baby in public, whether by yourself or with a group of supportive friends. Start off somewhere such as parks, and as you gain confidence, then to places such as restaurants. Remember that do you nothing nothing illegal or wrong by feeding your child, and if someone disputes yours and your child's human rights, make a complaint about them.
  • Explain to your children what breastfeeding is if you or your partner decided not to breastfeed, and that its practice is a completely normal, healthy human interaction between mother and child.
  • Stop objectifying the human breast as a purely sexual organ.

These are simple yet well-mannered and powerful ways that you can promote and encourage the primeval human right of breastfeeding as a social norm once again. You may think that you won't make a difference as a lone person, but the more people see something that blatantly harms no-one, they more they will come to accept it -- it is simple human psychology.

With the right information and with your pledge, breastfeeding can be accepted as a completely normal and healthy human act once again, as it was with all of our ancestors, regardless of race, gender, orientation, method, religion or ethnicity. 

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