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New Jersey State Assembly members: Assembly Speaker, Sheila Y. Oliver; Majority Leader, Louis D. Greenwald; Speaker Pro Tempore, Jerry Green; et al.

We are calling for the New Jersey State Assembly to immediately bring impeachment charges up for Governor Chris Christie. Gov. Christie's "Bridgegate" controversy surrounding his office's manufacturing of a traffic jam as retribution against a local mayor for not endorsing Christie's gubernatorial candidacy illustrates an inexcusable disregard for public safety and abuse of power.The emails that prove the Governor's office created a traffic jam and closed tolls on September 9th, 2013 as political payback is a deep abuse of power, and the leadership must be held accountable. We are asking you to introduce charges for impeachment of Governor Chris Christie on the grounds he abused his powers as governor and endangered the public.Thank you for your response to this troubling development.


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New Jersey and America deserve leaders that do not endanger the public for petty grudges and govern for the people not for themselves. 


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