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Help solve hunger in 2014.

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How this will help

Expanding the Farm to Food Bank Community Food Project to communities across America will help bring nutritious farm produce to your local community food banks. Please take our pledge to help us solve hunger in 2014.

*Right now less then 10 percent of the food that passes through local food banks is fresh produce.

Our Mission:

Farm to Food Bank Community Food Project is dedicated to delivering healthy farm produce to local community food banks across America. We believe that every individual and family deserves access to healthy food. By educating communities about the importance of food security and access to year round healthy food, we can solve hunger through local food source farming, distribution and sharing programs. Communities can become food secure by distributing local produce to community food banks throughout the year. We can use this food sustainability assistance model to expand our Community Food Project to communities across the country, bringing an end to hunger in America.

In our efforts to help solve hunger we invite you to visit and support the Food Project and join our efforts in solving hunger in America today.

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