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I have created this petition on behalf of my sister, Cheri Larrydale, in order to change the laws pertaining to hit and run accidents. Cheri’s killer could be charged with no more than probation for the hit and run that left her dead on the street.

Here is a little background: Felicia A. Marino of Holbrook, NY, is the person responsible for taking Cheri from us on October 5th, 2013 in the fatal hit-and-run. In honor of Cheri, we are asking that you show your support by signing this petition and writing letters to your local elected officials expressing the importance of harsher penalties for hit and run accidents; and ensuring that blood alcohol evidence can be secured during DUI investigations if there is sufficient cause for this to be necessary.

Felicia left the scene and hid behind the law (5th amendment) thus preventing a blood alcohol test from being performed. If this test came back positive, Felicia could have been charged with the more serious crime of Vehicular Manslaughter! Please help us to make a difference.


Tanya Larrydale

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How this will help

With these harsher penalties, the hope is that this will encourage individuals to stay at the scene of an accident, assist the injured and take responsibility for their actions!

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