Sign the Petition to Pasadena, CA Councilman Steven Madison

We request that Councilman Steven Madison cease his unwarranted attempt to ban ownership of the pit bull breed. We understand that he is concerned for the safety of his constituents, but preemptively banning an entire breed because of the actions of a few bad owners in order to keep a situation from happening in the future makes no sense. A more logical course of action would be to punish those few irresponsible people who own the dogs that have caused damage (pit bull or not), rather than to punish the majority of pit bull owners who are responsible and have dogs that do not pose a threat to anyone. It is a proven fact that a neutered, family-integrated pit bull is no more likely to attack a human or other animal than any other breed. Therefore, breed-specific legislation is not the answer. The answer is to hold all dog-owners accountable for the actions of the dogs that are in their possession. This can only be done on a case-by-case basis. To do otherwise is to punish someone before they commit a crime. And that is unconstitutional.


Suzan Pearman

It will save many people from the heartbreak of having to relinquish, and perhaps witness the execution of, beloved family pets that have suddenly become illegal to own. It will prevent a wonderful breed of dog from becoming a pariah and being unable to travel certain places just because of how it looks.  Breed specific legislation has historically been proven not to work, punishing many for the guilt of a few.  We need to stop it now.


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