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Participate in the first discussion of CWLA's Media Club on The Fosters.

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Children who are at risk are not staggering statistics or distant stories. Rather, they are our kids and we are all responsible for their well-being. By participating in this discussion about popular media representations of kids who are vulnerable, we will uncover what real children and youth actually face—whether or not the depiction is underwhelming, correct or over-exaggerated.

Let's start with the second season of ABC Family's The Fosters. CWLA is a media partner of this television show, and is rooting for its success in raising awareness about youth in foster care. We love Callie and Jude, the twins, Brandon, Lena, and Stef, and think these characters have gracefully planted the seed to talk about what life is like for the 400,000 kids in foster care in America. 

Later on we may cover some of the other social issues the show delves into, but let's start here: What is realistic about the Foster family's foster care story? What is overdone? What is overlooked? What do you want the millions of the show's fans to know about foster care?

Once you pledge to participate, tell us your thoughts in the comment stream on the pledge page. We'll read all of the comments and build off of them for future discussions and actions. 

Please know that we want to share your comments widely, so only participate if that is okay with you. Also, we reserve the right to delete any comments we find disrespectful. And finally, be sure to tell us your affiliation to foster care if you have one.  We look forward to your thoughts about The Fosters' foster care story!


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