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  • It doesn't matter if you don't smoke marijuana or not, this is something that could affect you if someone disliked you enough to go through the trouble of trying to make it seem like you actually committed a violation of the student code of conduct. Fight for your constitutionally protected right to due process, and let us reform the higher education system to be what it should be!
  • For too long,  many public universities have been able to operate on different standards of punishment than what their respective states do, even though they receive state funding and are bound to state standards about curriculum.
  • There has already been legal precedent set in Florida that states that the universities cannot define rules separate from the state constitution, as evidenced in the Florida Carry v. University of North Florida about the right for students to concealed carry in the trunk of their car.
  • From the USF student handbook: "(a) Rights of Charged Student (referred to as "student" in this subsection) 1. Provision of Proof - The provision of proof shall be the duty of the OSRR. The level of  proof for a decision shall be "preponderance of the evidence," that is, from the  evidence/information submitted it is more likely than not that the student did commit the  violation(s) for which he or she has been charged, and shall not be the strict criminal law  standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt."
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