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Eric Lefkofsky, Executive Chair Office of the Chief Executive Groupon, Inc.

I am shocked and disappointed that Groupon would partner with SeaWorld to offer discounts to the cruel park. SeaWorld continues to jeopardize the safety of humans and animals despite numerous tragedies--including the deaths of many orcas and three people. It's now recognized by many former trainers and marine-animal experts as an inhumane environment for orcas. Several musicians who were slated to perform at SeaWorld--including Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, and Martina McBride--have canceled their shows after watching Blackfish and learning how confinement to tanks leads orcas to become neurotic, self-destructive, and extremely dangerous. Please follow the lead of millions of families and the many public figures who refuse to endorse the abuse of marine mammals. I will no longer use Groupon if it continues its relationship with SeaWorld. Thank you.


PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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By signing this petition you are letting Groupon know you will no longer use their services if it continues its relationship with SeaWorld.


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