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Protect Animals From Cruelty in 2014!

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The purr of a warm cat curled up on someone's lap ... the excited bark of a dog happy to see guests arrive. The holiday season is a time of shared joy with the loved ones in our lives, human and nonhuman alike.

Yet all around the world, millions of individual animals still face almost unimaginable cruelty and neglect. Cats are used in painful, terrifying experiments ... dogs kept in tiny cages until they're skinned alive...pigs beaten and abused before their grisly slaughter—they all desperately need our help.

There's only one day left in 2013. Will you commit to making the new year a better one for animals by making a donation before this year ends?

With your help this new year, PETA can do even more to challenge the global trade in animal skins, shut down cruel tests on animals, expose the truth about factory farming, and stand up to hideous animal abuse whenever and wherever it occurs. 

Make your generous donation before December 31 and stand up for animals in the coming year!


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