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Chairman of the Massachusetts Parole Board Cesar A. Archilla

In 1992 a then 16 year old Baldwin killed 15 yr old Beth Brodie. He beat her to death with an aluminum baseball bat. He was sentenced to life with no chance of parole. Now due to a supreme court decision he may have a chance at parole. Richard Baldwin should not be paroled! He committed a heinous crime and deserves life with no chance of parole! He took a beautiful soul from this earth and everyone who loved her. We will not stand for this injustice! Do not allow him to be released!


Danielle Avery

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Looking for other ways to help?

Parole Board Writing Campaign

Both faxed and mailed letters are best because the Parole Board will be considering them while they are making their decision....

Looking for other ways to help?

Parole Board Writing Campaign

Both faxed and mailed letters are best because the Parole Board will be considering them while they are making their decision.  Community letters WILL be accepted!

Mail Letters to      Massachusetts Parole Board        Attn: Victim Services,               Unit 12, Mercer Rd.               Natick, MA 01760

Or via fax: 508-650-4599

Include Prisoner Name and Offender Number               Name: Richard Baldwin           Offender Number: W56202   


Victim Description.Begin with a description of the life of the victim before the crime. Include the name of your loved one, their age, accomplishments and plans for the future 

Survivors: List the people that were left behind by this crime  What relationship does each person have to the victim   What has been the impact of this loss on each specific person. Personal loss, monetary loss, therapy required, etc. 

Crime Description: Detail the circumstances of the murder, Unnecessary,  Heinousness  Personal culpability of killer , Lack of mitigating circumstances   

Parole Impact: Describe the impact that the perpetrator's parole would have on your family. Fear for personal safety,  Threats made against survivors.  Make clear any knowledge the perpetrator might have of the family 

Inmate Information:  Tell the parole board as much as you can about the perpetrator. Was the perpetrator someone that the victim, or the victim's family or friends knew before the murder.  Do you know where the perpetrator would reside if he/she were to be paroled? Is it near any family of the victim?   Detail any prior criminal record of the perpetrator 

Parole Restrictions: Request certain restrictions.  Ask for parole eligibility to be deferred for the maximum amount allowed in your state if this parole is denied.  If the perpetrator is paroled, ask for restrictions to be placed on his parole that will keep him from entering the proximity of any survivors 

Important Information: You will need to include the following information in your letter: 

Inmate's Name: RIchard Baldwin 

Offender Number: W56202 

Sign the letter and have a return address so the parole board knows you are a real person and not a mass mailing.



Governor Baker

Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor, Room 105          
Boston, MA 02133

Phone: 617.725.4005 888.870.7770 (in state)
Fax: 617.727.9725


Governor Baker, 

I hope that you will provide guidance to those you've appointed on the Parole Board to use the best judgement on each case regarding the SJC ruling to grant parole to juvenile offenders.

It is all about balance and the intent of the ruling is not to unilaterally protect those who were issued life-without parole but to also address victim rights.





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