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Donate to GJAE to stop TPP's attack on animals & the environment!

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Please take action TODAY to stop the TPP by making a donaton to Global Justice for Animals and the Environment at!

In early January, supporters in Congress of The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretly negotiated 12 nation free trade agreement that environmentalists call "The Polluters' Powergrab," will introduce Fast Track legislation intended to bring TPP to be voted on in Congress under a set of rules that  prohibit any amendments.  If they succeed, Congressional friends of animals, the environment, and safe food will be rendered powerless to modify TPP's most destructive provisions, rules that will:

- expand hydrofracking;

- increase factory farming and intensive animal aquaculture;

- exacerbate climate change;

- open the floodgates for unsafe food imports;

- boost the cruel and unsustainable trade in shark fins;

- force member nations to drop their bans on genetically modified foods and the inhumane and dangerous livestock drug Ractopamine;
- endanger critical ecosystems and wildlife habitat like the Malaysian rainforest home of the orangutan;


- empower polluting corporations to demand unlimited sums in compensation in international tribunals when our environmental laws stand in the way of their profits.

You can learn more about TPP and its potentally devastating impacts by watching "The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Environment", a short documentary produced by GJAE volunteers, at

With the short time we have remaining, we need your help to mobilize animal and environmental advocates throughout the nation to urge their members of Congress to vote no on Fast Track - and to make sure that their voices are heard by their elected officials!

You can help support this work today by making an online donation at

Your funds will help cover expenses including:

- faxing or copying and delivering the thousands of letters we've collected over the last two years from concerned constituents urging their members of Congress to vote NO on Fast Track and to oppose TPP.

- advocacy software – specialized online tools that will allow us to send targeted alerts to thousands of concerned people, allowing them to send emails concerning Fast Track to their own elected officials with the click of a button. Used almost universally by groups working to influence legislation, these software packages have high startup costs and steep monthly fees and can run thousands of dollars a year.

- opening a new office TPP campaign office in New York City (we need to raise $7,000 before we can do this).

-  production of a slide presentation on TPP's potential impact on animals, the environment, food safety, and the human rights of environmental defenders – a powerful tool we can use to educate and mobilize people to take action against TPP and a resource for activists wishing to spread the word about TPP in their own communities.

- other advocacy costs, including office supplies and technology, art supplies and printing for rallies, marches, and demonstrations. Contributions of any amount are welcome and you can set your contribution to be a one-time gift or to recur monthly.

 If you'd prefer to give on on daily or weekly recurring cycle, you can make a donation at

 If you'd prefer to donate by cash or check, email [email protected] to learn how you can mail a donation. GJAE is run by unpaid and uncompensated volunteers and operates on an annual budget smaller than an entry level staff salary at most nonprofits. We don't spend donor funds on expensive fundraising mailings, executive perks, or promotional items. As an organization working to influence legislation, GJAE receives no government or corporate funding or foundation grants. We are entirely dependent on individual supporters like you to finance our work.

Of course, donating money is only one way you can help – we always need and welcome volunteers! Call (718) 218-4523 or email [email protected] to find out how you can help!

Thanks to all of you who've helped us so far and thanks in advance to those of you who we hope will assist us in the days, weeks, and months to come Have a happy new year!

For Global Justice,

Adam Weissman
on behalf of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

P.S. Check out this video of me and activists from Climate Action and HealthGAP speaking on TPP at a recent teach-in:

P.P.S. Please remember to donate today! Donate at for a one time donation or monthly recurring contribution or at for an daily, weekly, or annual recurring contribution.
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