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Help Stop Human Trafficking & Child Abuse in Arizona-Vote in Mealer Anti Trafficking.

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How this will help

By Supporting the Mealer Anti Trafficking Campaign, you are making the voices of the children who are currently been ignored in Arizona heard. They will not have to live a life of Child Abuse,Physical, Mental,Sexual. They will not have to be Trafficked by predators that find them when they run away from these situations, solely cause nobody cared enough to help them. You will help by making sure that Change Happens and that John Lewis Mealer is the Next Governor of Arizona. 

Supporting him also gives you Guaranteed Health Care at US$ 75 a month, Better Education for all and especially for victims of abuse and trafficking. More abandoned Buildings put to good use and to help the communities they are in. Educating the victims of Traffickers so that they can then become part of a productive community, and help others. Holding the real Traffickers, the real Criminals who Ignored these children, accountable for their negligence.

Arizona needs to stand up and fight for its children. With over 6554 Children who had calls made on their behalf for been victims of suspected abuse to be ignored, shows that Change is not only needed in the future, change is needed right now. You can do this by LIKING and Supporting the John Lewis Mealer Campaign and the Facebook Page for Mealer Anti Trafficking.

As a Survivor of Abuse and an Advocate for all victims of abuse, I fully support this campaign and ask  you to do so as well.

Thank You 

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims

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