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The Honourable John Baird - Minister of Foreign Affairs

When it comes to foreign aid the Canadian tax payer should have more say as to where our hard earned money is being spent.

Indeed there are certain countries that need our support especially those who are third world or war torn or who have required natural disaster relief.

This petition is not about an embargo or boycott, it is simply being put that we should not be spending foreign aid budgets irresponsibly or for political gain. The money should be reinvested into the Canadian people who have worked hard to achieve such budgets in the first place.

Mother Russia is an international super power. They are not the same U.S.S.R. that they used to be, but they are still just as powerful financially and still just as strong with their military.

Some key points to consider;

1 - The President Vladimir Putin is one of the wealthiest men in the world with a massive net worth of over 40 BILLION. If he cares so strongly about the sanctity and security of his country he can use his own resources and not Canadian tax payer money.

2 - Russia was declared economically sound enough to host the Olympics.

3 - The Russian Program of 2002 granted 19 MILLION in emergency and humanitarian funding after the war in Chechnya. Other programs were still being used to pay Russia in 2007 which amounted to 2.5 MILLION as a result of this same war. Reference; &

4 - Through the Global Partnership Program, Canada paid Russia 85 MILLION in 2011. This decade old program was started to support the destruction of weapons of mass destruction. This program was just renewed by Stephen Harper and the Canadian government. Russia along with other members of this program will be granted 367 MILLION over the next 5 years. Another interesting fact about this program is that the funding is being used to combat the threat of terrorism. However Russia has never openly admitted that they are under attack or are at risk for their facilities and weapons to fall into the hands of any terrorists. The have their own militia that is equipped enough to deal with terrorism and the destruction of any illegal weapons of mass destruction. Reference;

5 - In 2007, Russia made an international arrogant move by claiming the North Pole as their territory and physically placed a Russian flag on the ocean bed floor and made sure the issue was videotaped for the world to watch. This is a huge disrespect to Canada, other countries who may also have claim, and Canada's Arctic sovereignty.

6 - The claim to the North Pole is about oil. This should not come as a surprise to the Canadian people because the President Vladimir Putin's main source of income is in the Oil & Gas Companies. Vladimir Putin has already threatened Canada and brought attention to his additional deployed military units in the Arctic.

7 - Total amount of Russian aid in 2010 was 118 MILLION, 2009 was 81 MILLION, 2008 was 48 MILLION, etc.

8 - Russia has proven themselves untrustworthy with their political and military handling of human rights as discovered earlier this year with their ruthless brutality on their own people. The LGBT community has suffered serious corrupt police brutality which is exactly what happened during and after the War in Chechnya. In 2007, it was reported that the Russian Interior Ministry knew of serious police corruption, internal fraud, police violence and battery and that more than half of the Russian population feared their own police services. Any international pleas have been ignored. If anything, Russian allies are starting to implement the same policies because of their influence over their governments.

The budget that was allowed in 2012 for the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada division was 5.6 BILLION dollars. This is a lot of tax payer money being used on an international level and we should be able to see clearly how this money is being used and where the money is being spent. The information is available but takes a lot of time to go through and evaluate as everything is tracked in a basic excel spreadsheet with very little details. You need to cross reference country codes and dollar amounts and program codes in order to differentiate between everything found here;



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We should be able to reallocate funds back into the Canadian economy in order to better our roads, subway systems, schools, hospitals and for job creation. Just because the Foreign Affairs,...

We should be able to reallocate funds back into the Canadian economy in order to better our roads, subway systems, schools, hospitals and for job creation. Just because the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada division has an allocated budget to spend, it doesn`t mean that they have to spend it all frivolously or for unnecessary political gain.


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