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Aconseguir la atenció dels mitjans de comunicació extrangers sobre el per que de la formulació de la pregunta sobre la independencia de Catalunya!

Sisplau feu el favor de enviar aquesta carta a tots els medis de comunicació estrangers posibles (ja que a espanya ens tenen vetats)

Dear Sir / Lady:
I contact you in relation to the proces of independence from Spain that we are living in Catalonia.As you might know The President of Catalonia did the 12th of the present month announced the question(s)and date(9 th of november).Both the question which has very serious problems of international acceptance, clarity of result and diminishes seriously the victory for independence which with a question of the Scottish style and the present social majority in the polls, would have guaranteed the victory for indepedence.

This shoud have caused an uproar in the independentist field with newspapers , independentist leaders and people.But surprisingly in a country where if you put 3 independentists they create 4 parties, it has arisen a surprising support for a question that seems the question Spain would chose to stall the process.

The few free-thinking independentists that would want to go public to proove this are banned from acces to the media i have gone personally to 3 of them (Vilaweb Ara and Avui) and have found anything but interest or col.laboration in knowing about something that would cause the demise of government opposition leader and leader of the ANC (Catalan National Assembly)

This would probably be followed by a imminent election where a Unitary List for independence which after obtaining the majority that the polls seem to guarantee, in acordance to the International Court Ruling,in the case of Kosovo, and the negotiations whith the nations of the world would guarantee the indepedence of Catalonia without Spain beeing able to exert foul play to avoid it, be it through their above the board agents , or by people that appearing to work for Catalonia serve hidden interest.

We are a reduced group of people , who love Catalonia and the truth who are presently at risc for exposing this situation we are certain that our movement has been neutered at the top by interest alien to the People of Catalonia and therefore ask you to please contact me, so the cause of truth and freedom is served.

Visca Catalunya Lliure!!

David Raventós (Unaltrejuny)


Fidel Ballesteros Diez

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