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Donate to TradeJustice NY Metro to stop TPP, the ultimate 1% power grab!

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How this will help

Congress is expected to vote on Fast Track
legislation in January. If Fast Track passes, President Obama will send the notorious Trans-Pacific Partnership to be voted
on in Congress under rules that force a vote and prohibit
any amendments to the agreement, rendering Congress powerless to
modify the most egregiously undemocratic, anti-environment,
anti-worker, and anti-health provisions of a trade agreement
described as a "backroom trade deal for
the 1%" and "NAFTA on steroids."

How YOU Can Help

In the weeks to come we need
to dataenter, copy, and deliver hundreds of signed form letters
to elected officials and get the word out to constituents in
Congressional district throughout the NYC metropolitan area to urge their Congressmembers to vote no on Fast
Track.  Having
a central location for coordinating volunteer efforts is
vital at this moment.

We just closed our office, but would like to open soon as
possible, but need to raise about $7,000 to recoup funds used in our
moveout and to give us a head start on the high costs of a move-in –
security deposit, first month's rent, a moving vehicle, realtor fee,
etc. You can help by making an online contribution at
If you'd prefer to donate by cash or check, email
[email protected] to
learn how you can mail a donation

We're also establishing a separate  TPP Advocacy Fund.
Donations to this fund will be used to cover expenses including:

- copying
and delivering signed  letters to members of Congress

-  software that will allow us to send
targeted alerts to our supporters, allowing them email their elected officials on Fast Track
with the click of a button.  Widely used by advocacy non-profits, but expensive!

-  other
advocacy costs, including art supplies and printing for rallies,
marches, and demonstrations.

can make a contribution to this fund at
of any amount are welcome.

You also have your option of spreading
your donation over the course of the year, making contributions
daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly contributions using our recurring
donations option at

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