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Support ROLDA save more dogs!

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How this will help

YOU are Romanian dogs HERO!

From far distance, you make things happen for the neglected, abused dogs of Romania that often are considered trash by the locals.

Lately you signed our petitions, shared our news, donated to help with a medical emergency, adopted a dog, and visited our shelter. We often say that petitions are not very effective. This doesn't mean we stop or we loose hope.

Lately, all of you helped Galati dogs effectively, making a big difference for about 400 dogs! One of the major newspaper published photos after the municipal dog pound has been renovated. ROLDA petitioned for this from over a year and over 12000 supporters signed our related petitions on and few thousands others on Causes platform.

The electronic petitions were downloaded and sent to the Mayor of Galati email address together with our demand to consider an emergency to invest the already existent public funds into the public pound renovation in order to transform this filthy place to meet the EU standards.   It finally happened. It is my belief that each of you signature had a major role and I am grateful to you for being part of this change.


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