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Dear A&E Network,

On behalf of the millions of Duck Dynasty viewers and the American public your recent decision to suspend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a gross injustice and one that will not be stood for.

Although Mr. Robertson is an employee of A&E Network at the time of his interview he was not speaking on behalf of your company but rather from his own, deep-felt, and passionate beliefs never once stating that his views were that of your network.

Mr. Robertson was asked a question by a reporter and he answered it honestly. Mr. Robertson is a devote Christian who was simply stating how he felt about a controversial issue.

As his employer what gives you the right to police what an employee can and cannot say on his own time?

Duck Dynasty is filled with religious overtones and Mr. Robertson's beliefs are well known. Mr. Robertson did nothing out of the ordinary and as a matter of fact his beliefs are no different than what is pictured on the show every week.

While you may not agree with Mr. Robertson's views what gives you the right to take action against him? Do you plan on suspending everyone within your company with whom you disagree with?

We, the aforementioned viewing public ,demand you re-think your decision to suspend Mr. Robertson and reinstate him immediately.

Fans of the #1 Rated Cable Show in US History!


Jack Cunningham

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