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1.) Matthew J. Smith, Mohave County Attorney 2.) Administration for Mohave County Department of Public Health

Legal Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Carriers Only or a Family Member of a Patient authorized to speak on their behalf. We want to hear from you because We are Legal too. Medical Marijuana is her to benefit Us and only Us Patients who have a Right to a Quality Product (Marijuana)

Agree or disagree: Please sign this Petition.

The Results of this survery will be used as a basis for Research By and For Medical Marijuana Patients Only? (Feel free to leave both Positive and Negative comments regarding your opinions if you are a Patient. Other Card Holders across the United States are welcome to comment, however, Please tell us what State you are from.

We are finding it impossible to find much information regarding Medical Marijuana Dispensaries who DO NOT list themselves for contact when Googled. What is the big Secret?

One of the most popular sites for Researching Patient Information regarding Location and to obtain to names of Marijuana “Strains is listed below. Some dispensaries list their strains publicly to assist the Patient in Education themselves, regarding Prescribed Marijuana Products and where their product is tested. Others consider this too be an INVASION of Privacy by their Patients. Where do you fall? How much do you know about your Dispensary/ Do you even care? Well you should Please Keep Reading...

This is the most Put together site see if your dispensary is willing to legally and publicly share Information for us Patients who are suffering the Learning Curve. Patients have a right to be given truthful information regarding “Where a Dispensary has their Products “TESTED” for Pesticides or E. coli by the growers before it reaches the Dispensary.

I Only wanted an alternative Medication from a trusted source. However, I did not realize I might have to go back to school at age 60 for Science or Horticultural Degree. There is a huge Learning Curve for me because I am NOT a previous Marijuana User. There are literally thousands of names that change constantly on a weekly/monthly basis, whcih hten become Hybrids.

DO WE want to be the Medical Marijuana Growers Guinea Pigs? If you feel confused by what Patients are, being sold it is your Duty to sign this Petition, so as a "Collective Group of Patients we can ensure our Safety and air our concerns.

As Consumers we are purchasing MEDICATION that is not covered by Insurance. We have to pay full CASH. We are Prevented from being able to GROW OUR OWN by the Laws that implement the 25 Mile RULE.

If you enjoy Pesticides and Cat Feces mixed into you Weed, you should be able to grow Marijuana in your own back yard, SAVE a lot of Money, while knowing your cat on a first name basis.

Since I am not sure this Medical Marijuana Project is going to work AS IT NOW Stands. There needs to be some "Quality Control” What difference does it make that you are attempting to Cure Your Cancer through Marijuana Consumption, if you die sooner from Pesticide poisoning. OR-How about a dose of E. Coli as you need your next batch of WEED to control vomiting and weight loss due to Chemo/ Radiation Therapy. Radiation Plus E-Coli that sounds pretty miserable (like a death Bed)

12/6/2012 6:00:00 AM Medical marijuana: Law, dispensaries to be discussed for Mohave County...The Arizona Department of Health Services approved 99 dispensary permits in August 2012... Unfortunately, federal and state protection agencies that regulate and secure medication sold to the public (like the FDA) do not regulate medicinal marijuana.

It is the New Fat Cat American Corporations driving Dispensaries to bring in the money. As a Patient have you really felt like they care about your Health and Welfare?

The medicinal marijuana cannabis industry has very limited regulations on the quality of the cannabis sold by growers, caregivers or dispensaries. In order for the cannabis to be deemed “safe”, the product must first pass a series of tests to ensure it is free of contaminants.

AZ Med Testing’s medical marijuana screening program will identify the type and plate count of microorganisms present in the product samples.

WILL YOUR DISPENSARY TELL YOU WHO TESTS THEIR PRODUCT? Mine did when I Googled the Testing Company listed in a Newspaper article by Name from 2012. It was nowhere to be found. I was lied to and became seriously Ill from only a few puffs. Moreover, here I am asking you how your Experience has been so far. Thank you for your Input.

SERIOUS INFO: Marijuana Leaves Contaminated with Mold, E. Coli, Insect Parts and various Other Pollutants...Researchers from the University of New Haven, Connecticut analyzed marijuana leaf under 10-times magnification and found that the leaf had a number of really tiny bumps, which was nothing but MOLD bacteria, which are not visible to naked eyes. Smoking MOLD can cause a serious Fungal Lung Infectious Disease that is capable of depleting your Immune system.
Here is a good Article to reference Negative Findings you need to be aware of Titled:

What are they smoking? Marijuana found covered in mold, insect parts, and E. coli. University of New Haven researchers in Connecticut, where medical marijuana is legal, say they have found samples covered in mildew, salmonella, and insecticide. Read more:
EDUCATION RESOURCE: Follow this LINK and pick a subject Topic on the Right that you would like more information about regarding Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Then Click on Choices where your Ratings are appreciated regarding your Personal Care Received, as a Patient the list is extensive. You can choose to then type in what is closest to your area or with in your Imposed 25 mile Rule radius to grow from home. From there you can Give a 1 to 5 Star rating To: Medical Marijuana Subjects that are related to your Home Town.

So I have only posted a small portion of the list here as an example:
Kingman Green
Arizona Medical Marijuana Lawyers
Arizona Medical Marijuana
Arizona Caregivers
Arizona Department of Health Services
Arizona Dispensary Applications
Arizona Medical Marijuana Card
Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses
Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program
Arizona Medical Board
Arizona Medical Marijuana Act
Arizona Medical Marijuana Bank Lending
Arizona Medical Marijuana Clinic
Arizona Medical Marijuana Clubs
Arizona Medical Marijuana Companies
Arizona Cannabis Society
Arizona Dispensary Solutions
Cannabis Science
Compassion First Caregiver Circle
Marijuana Industry Venture Capital



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How this will help

By many Rules Enforced and Possibly Implementation New or Revised Rules that Protect Patients Rights to be treated as Medical Patients/Consumer should be, including but not limited to: 


By many Rules Enforced and Possibly Implementation New or Revised Rules that Protect Patients Rights to be treated as Medical Patients/Consumer should be, including but not limited to: 

Safe Marijuana Products -- Public Access to Local Legal Testing Facility Results of Dispensaries -- Resources for Education on product Strain names beyond the Hippy Cheech and Chong websites. --- The Rights as a Patient to be treated with Dignity and Respect by Dispenser Personnel/employees/caregiver/etc.! FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST

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