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SAVE THE HOLY COW this new year

This pledge closed almost 2 years ago

How this will help

Dear Members, 

Happy Christmas &  Happy new year to all my friends!!!Please invite your friends on this good occasion to our noble cause.Bible says "thou shalt not kill"

Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends." George Bernard Shaw 

"Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind."-Albert Einstein 

"The beef industry has contributed to more deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of `real food for real people,' you'd better live real close to a real good hospital." -Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, D.CT

The cow is the most important of animals because she is the mother of all the demigods and human beings. Almost everyone in the world daily drinks some cows milk and eats butter, ghee (clarified butter), or cheese made from that milk throughout their lives. Therefore from a moral point of view because we all drink cow's milk, the cow is our mother.

The Ayurveda has detail mentions of importance of Cow's Milk, Curd, Ghee, Urine in the treatment of various human aliments. All these five products obtained from cow are individually called Gavya and collectively termed as Panchagavya.In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the blend of five products obtained from cow. Panchagavya is made from five products of the cow -- its dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd. Since ages Panchagavya is being used by people of India in traditional rituals. The uses and healing properties of different components of Panchagavya are : 1)Cow Milk : According to Ayurveda, cow milk provides special and unique nutrition that cannot be derived from any other type of food. Cow milk, when digested properly, nourishes all the tissues, promotes balanced emotions, and helps to balance all the doshas. It is one of the most important foods to promote Ojas (the force that maintains life). 2)Cow Ghee : In Ayurveda, cow's Ghee is believed to be the best for human consumption. It is full of nutritive qualities and an ideal diet for these heart patients who suffer due to excessive cholesterol in their blood. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength, keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body. It is not only nutritive, but also helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It enhances eyesight, keeps muscles and tendons healthy, and bone sturdy yet supple. 3)Curd/Dahi : Curd is a byproduct of cow milk. The Sanskrit name is for curd is dahi. All the leading practitioners of Ayurveda, including Charaka and Sushruta, have written on its qualities and usefulness. It is considered as one of the most wholesome food items throughout the world. Curd has its therapeutic value in many diseases. It has been described as a tonic and is credited with the properties that prevent premature aging. Curd also brings relief to patients of diarrhoea and dysentery and is recommended in chronic specific and non-specific colitis. 4)Cow Dung : Cow dung is anti-septic. It has anti-bacterial and fungicidal action. Thus a filtrate of the suspension made by thoroughly mixing cow dung and water forms one of the main ingredients of skin ointments, which are useful in serious skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and gangrene.Cow dung has provided man with fuel for millennia and used it as fertilizer. It may be used as a seed protector, a heat source (cow dung is naturally hot – compost makes it hotter and it is put into glass-houses to heat them or run pipes through to get hot water). It is employed as a purifier (natural antiseptic qualities), floor coating, mud brick additive (improves resistance to disintegration), a skin tonic (mixed with crushed Neem leaves); the smoke is a mosquito repellent, dung is a pond..

Dear Friends, 

Do watch this 1 min video.Listen to Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji.Where is the root of cow slaughter????? Click here to watch 1 min video 

I am glad to share this news that I had requested Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji to join our noble cause and  Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji  has joined upon my…request and also our cause leader as Sri Samstanam.




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