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So far we have not had any luck on getting this filthy, horrid place shut down. We have to get 100,000 signatures so it can be seen by the White House and, hopefully they will do something about this whole incident.  It is a horrid situation for a great deal of dogs. You can put OAS in your FB search and go to a few sites to see the conditions of this concentration camp.  This man is a psycho and is holding the dogs hostage. We do not understand how he is getting away with this. That is why I'd like to get enough signatures to go to the White House and then  the world will be looking at us.  We did get enough signatures that it is on the White House site now.  These dog have no food, no water, are living in their own feces and urine, no heat so they are freezing, big holes in the walls of the so called sanctuary (like a trailor) they are housed in. They are also sick and dying. There is no refrigeration so when they do get food it is raw meat that has not been kept at the proper temperature and, therefore, it probably makes them very sick. They are in tiny crates filled with feces and filth where they cannot even move - stand up, sit down and no one takes them out to the bathroom so they go in their crates and sit in it. The howling and crying is horrible and the stench coming from the building is disgusting. The man who is supposed to be in charge only goes every few days and only spends a few minutes there and leaves. They are left for day with no human contact and no human there to feed them or water them.  The owner has also used contributors money for his own gain and has not used it to improve the "sanctuary." There are rescues that have asked for their dogs back but he will not comply and will let no one inside.


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