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I urge you to support ending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for the sake of America’s health care system. PPACA’s October rollout has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the President’s health reforms will unleash havoc on the American economy. Millions of uninsured Americans are still eagerly waiting to purchase health insurance, only to be met with glitches, error, and blackouts. Even worse, the lucky few who were able to purchase insurance experienced sticker shock at how much “affordable” health care costs.

Supporting the law in the past is one thing, but continuing to support it in the future despite its flagrant failure is downright wrong. I urge you to join the hundreds of your colleagues in Congress in standing up against PPACA’s poison pill for America’s economy and Americans’ health. Americans deserve better than support for the President's political agenda.


Americans for Prosperity

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The more people that express outrage the more chance we have of reversing this terrible law.


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