Pledge to

Help to STOP Wade Robson`s lies & to get Wade Robso`s supporter facebook page shot down!

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

This pledge will help to raise our voice as one once again for Michael Jackson & to try to STOP any child abuse accusations vs. Michael Jackson. Also to try to shot down the biggest Wade Robson Supporter page on facebook:

This fb page is stiring up hate by telling lies and calling out for help to hit up flyers (for example) at community centers or colleges..... the admin of this page is "cheering up" for all articles or reports about the 2005 trail , making jokes about all accusations, he incites his page supporters vs. all MJ fans by calling them "MJ fanatics, who can`t deal with the "Wade Robson Truth"......and so on....

WE all remember and know so so well what Michael was going through in 2005, right?

We all - on facebook or twitter etc. - have a lot of friends on our list.....

please - share this pledge link & our own facebook  page link - join us and lets do it once again:


HELP US to get this WR supporter page closed/shot down.....

Its not about to get 1000s of signatures or likes on fb.....its more about to PROTECT Michaels name & legacy and to try to STOP those MONEY- HUNTERS....

THANK YOU ALL - L.O.V.E. - carmen

to be able to report the WR supporter page - join us on facebook - link above

and you will find the link to report.....

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