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Share Reunion Rescue's Christmas Pledge drive with five friends

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How this will help

Reunion Rescue is reaching out to ask our friends to remember what it was like before your dog found his forever home. At any given time, Reunion Rescue is helping another dozen or so who haven't found their forever person yet. 

 What we are asking is that you reach out to your own circle and ask them to help out our dogs at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge. We run the world's only no kill raw feeding holistic pit bull refuge and have plans in the near future to create a world class dog center. 

 We currently have a Christmas auction going on with lots of fun items and also have Reunion Rescue hoodies, tees, bumper stickers and books for sale on our site

 Give someone you love a copy of Pit Bull Nation ( just might have the story of how Reunion Rescue first met your dog. Thank you for all the support throughout the years...Reunion Rescue could never have made it without your help. 

 Merry Christmas from Cindy, Reunion Rescue and our wonderful (current) dogs LuLu, Nolan, Shadow, Peanut, Posey, Amber, Vinny, William and Princess.  

 Click on the auctions and see what we have: 

Christmas Auction #1: Christmas Auction #2:

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