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Mr President,

Millions of people are hurt in the shadows each day, cyber bullying is perhaps the fastest growing crime the world has ever seen. Each day, a child is told that they are worthless, each day an adult breaks down in tears, people are humiliated, defrauded, exploited and harmed.

I go on YouTube, I scroll down, I see a pointless comment sent to a child, it's an adult telling the little girl that she should commit suicide because she "likes this song". How many more hurt kids need to commit suicide before something is done?

I talk to my friends at school, they tell me some older male keeps sending explicit material to them, and that there is no way to stop them because the company does nothing to stop pedophiles.

Millions of children are exploited each year, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works tirelessly trying to stop this from happening. It's a tough battle though. The increase in anonymity and minimization of authority pave the way for these criminals.

The Snowden disclosure has made larger US corporations want to secure the web traffic in its entirety, this would cause more suicides, more kids being hurt, more lives ruined and more mental health disorders. Children are being raised in a society whereby so many now think it's socially acceptable to hurt others online, the Online Disinhibition Effect characterizes this - the complete abandonment of societal norms due to things like anonymity, minimization of authority and audience.

People talk about internet censorship, and how they're afraid that they won't be able to go on their websites or download pirated media, they view it as a minimization of freedoms. Our forefathers did fight for freedom, they did not fight for crime though, it is not only our natural, God given right to demand justice and to be treated fairly and with respect, it is the pillar of a democracy. The society we live in is becoming corrupt. How can we save those innocent people whilst ensuring others get their basic freedoms online?

'Internet Based Free-Speech Zones', it's an idea I have that will ensure basic freedoms are met and cyber bullying and exploitation is minimized. Imagine the YouTube home page for example, imagine you click on a video and the only comments you see are moderated by YouTube employees or they are gone completely.
Now imagine you are back at the homepage and at the top corner you see a button stating 'Free Speech Zone', you click on it and therein lies any comment (as long as it abides by the terms of service). If people want freedoms, why not make them a click away? Whilst those who are being hurt and bullied and insulted for no reason are left alone to enjoy a video. This idea has more pros than cons, it even supports job creation.

I think petitioning US Companies to abide by certain rules, for example: 'your company must log all reports that violate Title 18 USC and report them to the proper authority', would greatly increase personal happiness, societal interactions and basic human rights.

Today companies are just making it easier for others to fall victim to nefarious crimes. Take the newly released Playstation 4 system for example, it allows users to upload various footage live, many users have now began to upload various explicit material and many children fall victim to the crime. It is a clear violation of Title 18 USC - you may not knowingly send pornographic material to someone under 16.

There are many examples of different crimes, billions of victimized people do not get justice. As a democracy and society we must address the countless problems it faces. This is a huge problem that people don’t know how to handle, people are scared of losing the things they want on the internet.

Finding a way to stop cyber bullying and child exploitation will eventually happen, how long do we have to put up with this though? How many more lives must be lost?

Please do whatever is necessary to ensure less lives are harmed online. Please carefully consider the options, as the President of the most influential and powerful nation on Earth we the people believe you Mr President, you can make a difference and perhaps, persuade the world.

Lewis Rhodes


Lewis Rhodes

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How this will help

This petition will hopefully bring about a change in society, millions fall victim to online crimes. Racism, bullying, stalking, threats, exploitation, the list goes on, I'm sure there was a time...

This petition will hopefully bring about a change in society, millions fall victim to online crimes. Racism, bullying, stalking, threats, exploitation, the list goes on, I'm sure there was a time when someone hurt you online, well those very people are targeting the young and impressionable, making them think that hurting others online is socially acceptable in real life and in turn, creating more hurt. 

We are human beings, an advanced species, there is nothing to defend cyber bullying with - it is totally unjustifiable, and morally indefensible. Why should companies make it easier for criminals and pedophiles to get away with more crimes? How can we ensure basic freedoms are met online and you are still able to enjoy the freedom the virtual world brings you whilst decreasing cyber exploitation and bullying? With this petition.


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