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As a non-profit, non-partisan organization we are always seeking for partnerships with other organizations, political or civil society institutions, enterprises and private individuals. In order to keep our social services working and avoid project interruptions, that will provoke negative effects for our beneficiaries, we count on the helping hands of our supporters. A great part of supporting our work necessarily relies on financial resources. Essential for the implementation of this specific project, they will be directly used for it's funding and ensure the immediate benefit of the community. The total cost of Parenting with Love amounts to 54,500US$. 40% of this cost will employ highly qualifies and attentive staff to take care of our little beneficiaries; 30% are used to buy materials such as crafts materials, stationery supplies, books, sports and technical equipment; 20% will provide for the nutrition of the children and other services (water supply, electricity, internet); and 10% amount to the costs of running the project. But small funds also help the greater cause: only 5$ will help to feeda child for 30 days8US$ will provide education to one child for 1 month. 20US$ can already provide nutrition and a protected space to a child for 120 days.33US$ will provide education to one child for 4 months80US$ will educate 10 children for 1 month100US$ can feedand offer a secure space to 5 children for 1 month. Apart from that anyone can maintain our program through other material goods as (technical) equipment, teaching materials, toys, food donations etc. 

We believe that starting to return hope to those children's lives and give them future prospects will not only affect them - but in return they will pass their positive attitude to the community. With our support we can help them to help themselves.

Help spreading our petition, forward and sign it, so we can reach our goal of establishing new partnerships and raise enough funds to maintain this project.To directly support Parenting with Love or get more information about our work and the project, don't hesitate to contact us: E-Mail:

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