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I am deeply disturbed by your company's plan to build an enormous 143-foot tower on the Palisades, breaking forever the park's scenic ridge line. Rising four times higher than the community's 35-foot height limit respected for decades, the LG tower would violate a longtime public trust and spoil the dramatic natural beauty of an iconic American landmark enjoyed by millions on parkways, bridges and trails from both sides of the Hudson River.

There is no excuse for the severe damage LG would inflict on the extraordinary unspoiled views of this scenic and recreational treasure. On LG's large 27-acre lot, a low-rise alternative design would provide the same amount of office space and the same number of jobs, while respecting the integrity of the Palisades and a century of conservation efforts to protect the area's priceless natural heritage for all.

I strongly urge LG to redesign the office building so that it will not be visible above the Palisades ridgeline. By respecting our landmark Park, LG would be acting in its own best interest and doing what is right to protect the Palisades.


Protect the Palisades


LG Electronics, a giant overseas maker of TVs and other consumer products, wants to build an enormous 143-foot office tower on the Hudson River Palisades that would rise high above the ridgeline and spoil the natural beauty of this iconic American landmark. Send a message demanding that LG consider an alternative proposal that would protect the famed Palisades ridgeline.

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