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After three years of horrendous fighting, a death toll now exceeding 100,000 and more than seven million Syrians forced to leave their homes, Syrian peace talks will finally take place at the United Nations in Montreux, Switzerland on January 22, 2014.

Will you make a donation to help send women who can affect peace to the talks?

We are excited to announce that CODEPINK and a coalition of women's groups have launched Women Lead Peace, a global alliance of women's organizations calling for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, humanitarian aid for the refugees, and the full participation of women at the peace negotiations. We will be mobilizing a physical presence of hundreds of women from all over the world to meet in Switzerland from January 20-22. 

This is our opportunity to amplify the voices of women from all over the world, especially from conflict zones.

Women will arrive in Montreux by January 20, 2014 to plan and learn from each other. On January 21, we will hold a Summit with testimonies from Syrian women and humanitarian aid workers, testimonies from women from countries that made the transition from war to peace (such as Liberia, Ireland, Bosnia, Rwanda) and testimonies from Arab women who have been leaders in non-violent struggles in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia.

The summit will end by modeling what the official peace talks could and should look like. On January 22, the day official delegates will arrive for the peace talks, participants will be inside and out with creative, beautiful and exciting protests.

You can make it happen, by donating today to help us reach our goal!

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