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The Prime Minster of Canada Stephen Harper announced, after attending the “Jewish National Fund” (JNF) Negev Dinner in Toronto on Sunday Dec. 1, 2013, that he will visit Israel, Jordan and the West Bank early next year starting Jan. 19, 2014.
Harper supports JNF discriminatory and racist policies, Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, Israeli aggression on Arab countries (including the 2006 aggression on Lebanon which he called a “measured response”) and Israeli war crimes against humanity.
As Palestinians and Arabs, we tell you Mr. Harper - “You are not welcome in our homeland.” As Canadians, we tell you - “Not in our names.” As international supporters of justice and peace in Palestine, we tell you - “Shame on you.”
Stop supporting 21st century Israeli Apartheid!
اعلن رئيس وزراء كندا ستفين هاربر عن عزمه بزيارة اسرائيل, الضفة الغربية والاردن ابتداء من 19\1\2014
هاربر معروف بدعمه الاعمى لعنصرية وعدوانية اسرائيل
نقول لهاربر: لا اهلا ولا سهلا بك فوق ارضنا المقدسة


Hanna Kawas

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