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A) Addition of Foreign Languages in Mains (B) 3 years Age and 3 Attempt Relaxation to GEN ,OBC ,SC ,ST in Upsc Civil services exam like done in 1979. (C) Review of CSAT and reduction of weight of CSAT paper(Level Playing field for For Non- English background and Rural candidates).


Vipin Nayar

We started two months back and now we are at a higher truth.Our demands have become more strong and in every bodies interest. The basis for our protest are as follows: Basis 1: Right to be informed well in advanceArticle 16 of our Constitution provides us Right to Equality in Public Employment. According to this it's also our right, as stake holders, that we should be informed about a major/minor change in advance, by the recruiting body, so that we prepare well for the examination. Besides, where there are limitation of attempts, it will place the current candidates at a disadvantage over the new comers, as latter being provided with a fair pattern and syllabus. This is also based on natural justice and precedence of last 60 year. ( I don't want to go in more details right now)Once our Court recognizes this right then everyone including 1st attempter or last attempter, will get relief and the outcome will have fresh attempts and age relaxation to everyone irrespective of the category they belong.Basis 2: Right to appear in examination and improve our score.As we all know, limitation of attempts are provided to equip candidates with the demand of the question paper and score high marks, by improving their earlier performances. This novel objective will get defeated when pattern and syllabus of the examination undergoes drastic changes. This affects severely, both mentally and physically, for candidates who are left with fewer attempts.In 1979 when change was introduced in the Civil Service Examination, two year age relaxation and three fresh attempts were given. Whenever departmental candidates like CAG /income tax/ postal examination syllabus has been changed then age and attempt relaxation is provided. Then why Govt policy differs with reference to Civil Service Examination.Whenever there is limitation by law there is also a right by law by to provide exemption.THE INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE (APPOINTMENT BY COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION) REGULATIONS, 1955 With reference to the above regulations, under section 4 (Condition of Eligibility) and sub-section (iii-a) Attempts at the examination:- It is mentioned that "Unless covered by any of the exceptions that may from time to time be notified by the Central Government in this behalf, every candidate appearing for the examination after 1st January 1990, who is otherwise eligible, shall be permitted four attempts at the examination"Rights and restriction are complimentary. So when syllabus changes the earlier attempt are not considered as the whole idea of repeating and improving performance is not upheld. And change of syllabus was used as the basis to provide exemption in 1979.This right is difficult for common man to understand but has very strong legal basis. ( "Eyes don't see what mind can't understand" - IAF).So my humble request please participate and register your name at and be a part of this movement.


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