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How this will help

Regardless of the knowledge of a warrant three people are continuing to get away with the theft murder and dumping of a family pet....

Our FB page is Bishops voice-we are ready to ROAR!

Thank you all so much- I never imagined that three people could confess to this horrific crime and only one warrant- still no arrest and no protection for the victims against harassment and retaliation ....

Owners are now seeking legal council....

Bishop was an 11 year old Siberian Husky that was killed and dumped by neighbors. 

Bishops family reside in CRAWFORD, TEXAS.

PLEASE check this article by the Examiner out if you haven't already seen it. Thank you!


The Chief of Police for Crawford, Texas reported to Bishop's owner that ONE warrant was being issued.

Additional issues we are concerned about:

1. Harassment is continuing to be an issue-the suspects family has increased their level of harassment to now include victims work place-appropriate reporting was made however the message sent to the victim was it mattered very little what the suspects were doing to the victim.

2. News reporter informed is of the one charge -no named suspect-charge is animal cruelty/non livestock (felony)

3. News reporter has been in constant contact with the adult male suspect who has reported a "new" version of the story: teenager (his nephew) took Bishop from the yard and maimed him then sought out the Uncle due to Bishops suffering. 

Uncle reported to have "finished Bishop off"...*Chief of Police was unaware of this account.

4. Witnesses for Bishop and the family have yet to be interviewed.

We are advancing our movement! 

We are requesting the VOICE of as many people as possible... 

Fair and impartial investigation seems to not have occurred. 


Please email the city officials listed below. 

In your correspondence please •state your name and city/state/country •state politely and professionally that you support law enforcement agencies who take animal cruelty seriously. 

State that you anticipate hearing that arrests of all individuals responsible for Bishops death have been made and you encourage them to do so in a swift and just manner.... 

AND THEN.. •thank them for serving their community and thank them for their time today. 


City Council P.O. Box 7 Crawford, Texas. 



[email protected] Is the email address for each council person. 

Mayor Brent Meyer 

Mayor Pro Tem Donnie Bruce 

Council Member Franklin Abel 

Council Member Cecil Pogue 

Council Member Terrance Smith 

Council Member Charles Wiethorn

Police Department Chief Clayton Bruton 

6719 Lone Star Parkway Crawford, Texas. 


*****[254-486-2678]***** *this is the non-emergency number 

Once you have made a contact please share with other supporters the response you received.... 

Thank you so very much

Our FB page is Bishops voice-we are ready to ROAR!

PLEASE JOIN AND SHARE -  we need as many voices for Bishop as we can get!


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