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Look at that face!

Poor Amalie was picked up as a stray and weighed a slight 60 pounds upon her arrival. After no one claimed her and her 10 day hold was up, South Bay Purebred Rescue volunteers swooped in to bring this skeleton of a girl into our homes to get her the vet care she so desperately needs. Taking her straight to our trusted vet, it was discovered that Amalie managed to gain 9 pounds during her stay at the shelter, but that is still just barely over half of what a healthy girl of her young 3 years should weigh. On top of that, her teeth are filthy, she is still severely dehydrated, and she has three mammary tumors which will require an expensive surgery to remove. Thankfully all of her blood work came back negative for any diseases which would cause her severely emaciated condition, but that sadly points to the fact that Amalie was starved and left out in the cold, probably used as a backyard breeder for the financial gain of someone who didn't care enough to feed her.

This girl is so hungry, her foster family reports that she is currently gobbling down at least 12 cups of food per day, which we are allowing because her system has now recovered enough to handle the calories, and she sure needs them.

We are so grateful that the shelter found this sweet girl and couldn't imagine her being on her own for much longer in this cold weather, fighting for food and survival, but this means that our already tight finances are being pulled even tighter.

Amalie's surgery alone will cost approximately $2,000, not including the pounds and pounds of food she will need over the next couple of months so she can have time to gain the weight she so desperately needs to be healthy enough to perform the operation.

This sweet, loving girl just needs time, love, and your support to get her back on her feet and ready to find her own family who will give her the kind of life she deserves and the love she seems to have never been given, but desperately craves.

South Bay Purebred Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization so all donations are 100% tax deductible, with all funds going to the animals in our care.

Please take a moment to consider making a donation and helping us give sweet Amalie the care that she needs so that she can have a new beginning and start her new life the way she was meant to live.

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