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Not cheat or walk out of my relationship. I will fix things.

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How this will help

Taking the pledge will let you have a responsibility to keep it as a human being. and we do things most when we see others do it. so a lot more people taking this pledge will cause us to take it serious because we are not alone in it. The world needs to take a solemn pledge and end the chain of cheating and break ups. the effects are too many. Broken Homes, Death/Suicide, Depression, Children growing up to be painful and angry children, Hurt people going around to hurt more people, opposite sex calling each other names, our younger generation growing up to look at our revenge and actions as a norm instead of a lesson to stay away from.I know it hurts and we have all been there one way or the other but it ends now! No more... we are the last to be hurt! we will not hurt another. it ends now. NO TO CHEATING AND BREAK UPS!

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