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Help The 25+ Rabbits Found in Hoarding Cold Yard

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Horrible rabbit hoarding situation in So Bay area backyard needs our immediate support!

12.3.13  Local Bay area fosters Needed! 

The Rabbit Haven was called in to assist  rabbits found in a packed cage, backyard in the SJ area.    There are 25 rabbits (we think) that can be seen.   We are going to the site to take a real count. Then we will take  photos, document, weigh, feed  and  to help set up a warm environment as there is a cold snap due this Wed.  Hopefully,  we can work with this family  to find a way to manage these numbers  in safety until we can get them out. I am not sure this is possible -We will see.     If we are not able to work with the family,  we will need to call animal control, and all surrounding  rescues and then shelters for support.(we know that they all are full) Sadly,  shelters do not have the staff to keep ill bunnies -they rely on rescue.   

 These Bunnies appear to be so weak, small and they all look so miserable or ill. Many will need to see vets.  I have a call and email into our vet now.

 Tomorrow,  Annie's ' blankets are bring blankets to  the Haven - Tarps are coming in from a Haven volunteers -then we need to pick up supply along the way - I plan to go myself to look at these rabbits to evaluate with two other staff.  They need so much help tomorrow - Immediate care Yes,,, and litter boxes, litter,  50 pound bags of food and a bale of hay for starters.  Food water dishes too -   If you are at a distance and cannot foster,  you can  contribute - here is our link  -  No amount or gesture is too small.   

Please help us to help these Rabbits.  They are in such a bad situation - We will do our very best - There is a way to stop this suffering and bring health, safety & happiness to these bunnies.   Knowing there is a loving community of rescues out there means so much to us. Thank you for reading about these rabbits.  Look at their little faces.    

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 Love to you,    Auntie heather  831 600-7479

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For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


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