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The abscence of pre-requisites (like potentiality certificate, good health ceritificate,) for marriage in our society is putting some of the females lives in danger and life long sufferring. One of our family member is presently undergoing this turmoil. (she is married for 3 yrs and her husband was behaving in an odd manner and only recently we came to know all their (husband side-including parents) family members are aware that he is impotent and got him married) We were taken to surprise seeing this cheating, we are in the process of obtaining divorce for her. I am sure this is not first incident but only a tip of iceberg in the society.This incident prompts me to try to do something to protect all our women. This prompted me to write to you to do something which can evantually get converted into law so that in future no other woman will have to suffer like this. This can be done on similar lines as consumer protection act. I am willing to share some of the responsibility to bring awareness in the society against the cheaters . I am inthe process of collecting the data of all those who have sufferred like this and trying to formulating contents to be included in my proposed "MARRIAGE PROTECTION ACT" . Request all of you to give your inputs and share the real tragedies if know so that we can hope for a new dawn in which our women are protected. regards ravi kumar 9440454593, email:


Karamsetty V Ravi Kumar

this will throw light on the need of the hour to raise above the hesitations and sentiments and be practical to protect our women as far as possible. If potentiality certificate is made compulsory before marriage it can prevent some of the women from being cheated.

This can be done by govt appointing a pannel consisting of a psychiatrist, family physician, sex specialist, gynaecologist, a judge and a police who would be give the above certificate and only then the males and females should be allowed to get in the marriage market. This superifically looks silly, but if you ask those who have suffeered one can understand the importance of this... pls put yourself in their shoes and you can also easily understand.

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